The film follows the rise and demise of an Iraqi refugee in DC once paraded in Washington to justify the war. His story, told in a cinema verite style and Super-8 home movies, presents act II of America’s ending conflict in Iraq and the journey of more than 50,000 Iraqi refugees in the U.S.
It was the only US film selected along with 23 projects at 2010 DocsBarcelona Pitching Forum.
The film is partially funded by ITVS for a national broadcast on PBS.
It was selected for the 2010 BAVC’s internationally recognized public media lab in San Francisco to expand the impact of the film using multi-platform and web 3.0 models for storytelling and distribution.
The film story and lead character made the front and full inside pages of the Washington Post.
Many Americans don’t know about the plight of Iraqi refugees in the U.S. Those who do, eagerly want to help as advocates, donors, and volunteers. Be part of this movement to make a difference and contribute tax-deductible donations towards the film and/or game through our fiscal sponsor: Docs In Progress.
It was mentored at the 2009 CPB/PBS Producers Academy at WGBH.
The film was selected at the Bay Area Video Coalition’s Producers Institute to develop its interactive project, Hala Hello - Hala is the Iraqi word for hello. Our alternate reality game engages Americans in the Iraqi refugee community on the web, mobile phone and in reality. The empathy game raises awareness and fights negative stereotyping while making a difference.
The hour-long verite film is executive produced by Laura Poitras, who made the Oscar-nominated Iraqi documentary My Country, My Country.